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It’s been a while since I’ve posted something from Zen Comics (or anything other than videos for that matter!) but I thought this was quite appropriate!

| “Are you aware of your inner signals? Do you trust them? Have you taken control over your life into your own hands?”

Travel has recently been one of the biggest requirements of my life, and this video hits the nail on the head. After saving up for a couple years, Walter Chang quit his job and traveled the world for three years and made it to 60 countries.  In his written reflection he says,

“After college I took two completely different routes. One, working at a job I was unhappy with that hurt my confidence in pursuing a meaningful career of my choice. The other, venturing across the world, which restored that confidence. In the end, both were unsustainable. Now that I’m out of travel mode I’m not sure of the next step. But with these experiences under my belt I think I’m better prepared to handle what lies ahead.”

It’s funny because the first real international trip I ever took set the stage for the person I am today. It instilled a sense of adventure, confidence, exploration, and wonder that I still carry. Loved this piece!

While not exactly inspiring or moving, I thought this short was a nice little change for this here site! Every so often I come across a story that’s just – whats the word?- pleasant and informative, and makes me consider the art of telling a story. In this case, to think I’ve ridden the subways so much and have never once thought about whose voice might have been used for announcements.  What a way to put a face to a voice!

While the epidemic of Ebola may have passed from our minds in the first-world, the reality of the disease still lives on in many countries such as Sierra Leone. With many losing loved ones left and right, it’s sometimes impossible to see how anybody can rise above the situation – Erison is an exception.

“Things are difficult for us, but still we are not dead yet.  So I think so long I have a life, I must have a hope.”

David Foster Wallace was undoubtedly one of the greatest minds of our time, who we ultimately lost way too soon. In the video above, he speaks on worship and what it means to worship different things. It’s an amazing reminder that in a world of self-celebration and personal freedom, there are still those who realize the power and importance of living for others.