Monthly Archive:: June 2015

Incredibly real and heartbreaking. Shortly after this video was posted, the filmmaker posted this update:

|“12 days after this video was uploaded and shared on Facebook, we have received overwhelmingly warm responses from the public in Vietnam. As I am writing this, a great many are offering to help the kids. A few friends and myself are developing an action plan, most possibly a mobile school and creativity centre as the most immediate goal, before we launch an official project and start to accept support in kinds or manpower. There may be a happy ending to follow, after all. We’ll see.”

|”Life is short. Enjoy it. Go have fun. Go somewhere that makes you nervous. Do something stupid for a change. Do something you said you wanted to do. Build memories. Build relationships. Build some kids. Then build some Legos. Build a life with your love and never let her go. Just go, and be.”

It’s sobering to think that a little less than 14 years ago, one of the most life-changing events happened so close to home.  Looking at this time lapse, I not only think about the hundreds that lost their life on that day, but also of the courage that exists to rebuild in the face of tragedy.  It’s powerful, and in my honest opinion, the NYC skyline looks better than ever.

Not only is this short incredibly poetic, it also makes me yearn for the real places that still exist in the world.  The open air and spacious lands that make you feel something – that’s what I pull from this video.  Hoping you have a chance to get out there this weekend, and maybe just maybe, find yourself back in the importance places.  Have a good weekend folks!

|”May you always remember the path that leads back, back to the important places.”