Monthly Archive:: February 2015

While I can’t agree with the mess that Facebook has turned into over the years, I do have to say they consistently put out great advertising shorts filled with powerful words and moving music.  Check out more of their spots here.

Starting this week off with another one by the great Eliot Rausch.  A simple song, a simple video – perfection.

|“Don’t lose your soul no. See if you, if you do, you’ll become a robot sucking up gasoline.”

I count Eliot Rausch as one of the greats in our generation of storytelling, and this new short from him is no different. He essentially takes an old parable and turns it into a beautiful and soul-shattering visual based on the ideas of money, greed, happiness, and life.  Here’s a thought for the weekend: what are you fighting to attain, that you might already have? Have a good one folks!