Monthly Archive:: October 2014

It’s remarkable when you think about how each person is the keeper of their own story.  Beyond that, I  have a huge appreciation for filmmakers that can find these people out and share their story with the world.  There’s no life-changing message here folks, just 16 minutes about a man doing what he loves.  Enjoy!

Shane Koyczan is an incredible vocal artist and put together this short based around the power of his spoken word.  With collaborations from a number of animators and designers, he put together this powerful message on bullying that goes so much farther than traditional campaigns.  It’s 7 minutes long, but 7 minutes worth it.

Today being Diwali in India reminded me of this incredible short put together by the good folks over at Variable (check out more of Khalid Mohtaseb’s work here).  They paint this really remarkable slow-motion picture that really celebrates a moment.

| Life is extraordinary. Embrace it.

What an incredible series of woodblock prints by Hasui Kawase. I came across his paintings recently and can’t get enough of the surreal landscapes! It’s almost as if he was able to capture a quiet moment and paint that exact feeling of solitude. Here’s my favorite one.