Monthly Archive:: January 2015

Because nature. Back in 2006, I read a great novel by Stephen King called “Cell”, in which he delves into the ideas of groupthink – or how people often make decisions based on others when in a group environment.  In the book, he touches on starlings, and how they can be seen flying in irrational and dysfunctional patterns in the sky (called murmurations).  Ever since then, I’ve always wondered about this natural phenomenon and just how perfectly these swarms move in the sky.  Like black clouds, they scatter in wave-like patterns and its incredible and strangely calming to watch something like this in real life.

Looks like these guys know how to go with the flow – amazing. Have a great weekend folks!

How good is this story? The other day I was reminded of just what Silo Number Seven was – a small place for good things.  The internet has so much white noise that travels through it every day, and I’m glad I can find stories like this one that are worth holding onto.

One more of these for the week – yet another example of a company (Facebook) marketing a product, by sharing a story.  SO worth the 8 minutes you set aside to watch this.  Hoping this weekend you have a chance to consider the stories in your own life that are worth telling. Have a good one folks!

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