Monthly Archive:: August 2015

Absolutely loved this short by Ricardo Serrano, reflecting on the idea of how each door is a new opportunity to experience something new.  With monologue based on the poem, “The Door” by Miroslav Holub, the short combines so many elements I love into an inspiring little piece!

| “Go and open the door, if there’s a fog, it will clear.”


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something from Zen Comics (or anything other than videos for that matter!) but I thought this was quite appropriate!

| “Are you aware of your inner signals? Do you trust them? Have you taken control over your life into your own hands?”

Every so often I come across a video that speaks volumes in the span of a couple minutes, and today I found that one.  I absolutely loved this and can’t help but think of how much it resonates with myself and so many people my age that are trying to figure out this adult thing out.  Massive thanks to the guys from Gnarly Bay for putting together this gem.

| “And we become adults, long before we ever feel like one.”

Travel has recently been one of the biggest requirements of my life, and this video hits the nail on the head. After saving up for a couple years, Walter Chang quit his job and traveled the world for three years and made it to 60 countries.  In his written reflection he says,

“After college I took two completely different routes. One, working at a job I was unhappy with that hurt my confidence in pursuing a meaningful career of my choice. The other, venturing across the world, which restored that confidence. In the end, both were unsustainable. Now that I’m out of travel mode I’m not sure of the next step. But with these experiences under my belt I think I’m better prepared to handle what lies ahead.”

It’s funny because the first real international trip I ever took set the stage for the person I am today. It instilled a sense of adventure, confidence, exploration, and wonder that I still carry. Loved this piece!