Gotham 7.5K

Vincent Laforet is no stranger to quality images, but this, this is ridiculous.  With the opportunity to photograph NYC from an entirely aerial perspective, he took to the skies (at a higher altitude than normal) to take these incredible shots.  You see this complexity of the city that you really can’t see from ground level, crazy huh?

| But the real scary part was that there’s just simply nothing quite like leaning out of that chopper over the sea of darkness and light, held in only by a full body harness…There is no chance that you will fall – the harness is tried and true. But you DO think about the fall.

And you think about it again … And again … And how long you would have to think things over from that height all the way down to the ground below.

And then you start to think about the helicopter, and how it’s not exactly the most aerodynamically stable aircraft up there in the first place …. But I digress.

Check out his work here, along with some behind the scenes of the shoot here.