Monthly Archive:: March 2015

This past week I had a couple conversations with different people about potential, our purpose as individuals, and what it is that makes us come alive.  This visual gem pretty much summed up pretty well – when you know exactly why you were placed on Earth and what it is you’re meant to do, you come alive.  Have a good weekend folks!

| Humans are by default hopeful and optimistic creatures. We usually think about the future as though it will occur for us with absolute certainty, and that makes it hard to imagine death as a motivation for living. But knowing that my friend could potentially never wake up forced me, unexpectedly, to contemplate my personal drive for existence. Why do I do the things I do every day? Am I honestly acting out my dreams and aspirations? What’s my purpose? For a long time, when I was younger, I waited to discover my purpose. It was only very recently that I realized purpose is something you are supposed to create for yourself.

An incredible article written by Dustin Curtis on life and the importance of making each day count.

What started as a seemingly normal ad, ended as a tear-jerker.  Wow, I say this over and over and over again – companies that know how to tell a story and create a genuine experience for their customers will ALWAYS go farther in the long run.  Not only does this ad promote Samsung, but broader ideas on diversity and communication as well.  Loved it, hope it resounds with you as much as it did with me.  Have a great weekend folks!

Really loved this incredible short shot by Keef, for the good folks over at Airwick. He combines really moving elements of storytelling that tug at your heartstrings, and ends up creating a remarkable commercial for a great product. Really, really well done.