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Can’t stress enough how much I loved this! So, so, so, good and so worth reflecting on. It’s funny, the other day I was considering the fact that we only get one life to live, and there’s absolutely no do-overs – and then this video comes up! Too good.

|”If you could get answers to every question you’ve ever had about your life, what would you ask?”

With everything going on in the world (and media) today, it’s easy to find yourself questioning where you stand when it comes to the people of Syria.  The video above reminded me of one thing, and that is the idea of the human experience.  The fact that threat or not, these people are our own, and like everyone, they’re only looking to survive.

|”Seeing the people behind the headlines with my own eyes, and feeling their deep struggle, broke my heart. Are they the “threat” people talk about? All I saw were courageous people in a time of crisis, looking for hope.”