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| We followed teenager Shane Flowers as he weaved through the protests, attempting to let his voice be heard and fight for change with darkness slowly falling on Florissant Avenue. As he moves through the crowds, he hears differing opinions from other protesters on the best ways to fight for change.

What good is justice, if it isn’t given to everyone?

Nick Crocker went ahead and wrote one of the best articles I’ve read recently on life lessons. I’m not usually a big fan of these “lists”, but these are genuinely good points of advice. We here at Silo Number Seven are all about media that matters, and this one is definitely one that has been archived for later reference.

Every now and then I think about the days before the Internet, and just exactly how we got along without the connectedness of the world.  Pretty recently I came across this video that hit the idea on head.  “Look Up” touches on the million different ways we try to connect with each other in our digital age, but are still so alone when it comes down to it.

| “This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and its our doors we shut.”

Insightful, to say the least.