Open Your Eyes

People can relate to an incredible story, and that’s why this short presented by The Lincoln Motor Company blew me away.  In a series called, “In the Moment”, The Lincoln Motor Company partnered with Vimeo and independent filmmakers to create a visual based around a single message: find your moment, and live in it.

This particular short directed by Diego Contreras and shot by Khalid Mohtasseb was a great example of how far stories can go, even in advertising.  There’s something so ethereal and honest in this, and it’s no secret that I have a soft spot for voice-overs of any kind.  Really, really well-done.

The day my eyes were opened, I see now
My shadows were not my friends
They were impersonators sent to fool me
I pulled them close, and they pulled me away from everything I had dear
But you came, and chased my shadows into the light
And there we danced, to melodies I thought had vanished

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  1. Thanks for sharing our film! Glad you liked it and related to its message! – D