This made me stop and take long look at each image, they’re incredible! Photographer Alison Turner started a series called “Vanscapes” while taking a solo trip through New Zealand, all by way of a van. With most of her possessions being stolen on her first day of arrival, she set out with nothing more than her IPhone and documented an incredible adventure.

| I wanted to remember what it was like living in the van and looking out to the beautiful scenery every day so I found myself taking photographs from the drivers seat, while framing each image with the passenger window. Each day, the “Vanscape” views were so different from the previous day. I wanted to show a variety of locations to give the viewer a sense of being there, along for the ride. Instead of the common “I wish you were here” postcard, I posted several of my “Vanscapes” on Instagram (@alisontravels) from inside of the van looking out so they would get the feeling that they were with me.

Ahhh wow, you know when you see a photo and you just don’t know how to describe the feeling you get from it? That’s what this is. (via Lenscratch, Alison Turner)